Insane S

Type: DJ
Style: Hardcore / Uptempo Hardcore

Insane S is the artistic persona of Sacha Biagini, a future-focused DJ and hardcore producer from Italy. Born to entertain and perform. With the harder sides of hardcore crawling trough his veins, his music goes way beyond just a hobby. It lives in every aspect of his life.

With gigs at the most populair events like Tomorrowland, Harmony of Hardcore, The Qontinent and multiple Footworxx concepts he is well known by the majority of visitors. his discography with a diversity of Top 10 hits is outstanding.

The future is looking very bright for Insane S and one can only wait and see what is next in store for this artist from Italy.

Performance highlights:
Tomorrowland (BE)
Harmony of Hardcore (NL)
The Qontinent (BE)