Type: LIVE
Style: Uptempo Hardcore

Exorcism a brand-new bad ass Uptempo act created by Lunatic and Distorted Voices, each individually known for their solid & hard productions. These artists teamed up to bring you their high speed Uptempo with filthy kicks and bad ass screeches. Their style and act are unique and extreme and they created fully packed areas with screaming Uptempo lovers during their performances! Dressed liked preachers with Satan crosses and with a lot of entertainment they keep on going till they banished the Hate out of people. Exorcism stands for Extreme High Speed Uptempo without any borders and boundaries.

Their first EP was a real bomb and the tracks “I am the Devil” (and I wanna fuck your mother) and “Psycopath” were played on multiple occasions on the big Hardcore festivals this season and reached the top of the charts. The 1st of November they will release a brand new EP called “Against Hate” on the mighty BKJN Music label and in December and January there are more releases scheduled.