The SpeedFreak

Type: DJ
Style: Frenchcore

Martin Damm has been releasing records since 1990 under various different aliases but the most recurrent & most known being "The SpeedFreak".
Nowadays mostly known for being a pioneer of the Frenchcore-sound, he is the man behind more than 50 aliases. He got his start in the German techno scene 29 years ago producing many different kinds of electronical styles such as EBM, Acid, and Breakbeat. Soon, he would recognize and join the Hardcore scene sharpening it up with his fast and unique tunes. Around that time, Martin built up his Hardcore flagship Street Trash Alliance with its amazing and trend-setting sublabels such as Shockwave Recordings and Napalm. Numerous releases later, and as a result of the permanent enhancement of his producing technique, Martin would become a resident member and one of the most important artists of the Frenchcore-label Psychik Genocide and other Audiogenic-labels.

In 2018 he added a new style called "Gabberdisco" to his repertoire, an over-the-top approach to hard dance-music: high-energy high-speed Hardtek-meets-Hardcore that combines elements and quotes from dance music and pop-culture of the 20th century with the sound and the technical possibilities of today.
At a time when all established core-styles have become color-by-numbers, his goal is to bring back the fun and the pioneer-spirit from the early days.
Gabberdisco is about positive attitude, lots of content, and is made to put a smile on your face.

The SpeedFreak has released on his own labels like Shockwave, Absurd Audio, Gabberdisco as well as other labels like Mokum, Industrial Strength, Peacock Records and many more. As a DJ he is touring the world since 1994 and has played and can be regularly be heard on big events like Masters of Hardcore, Dominator, Defqon.1, Q-Base, Mayday, Hardshock, Boomtown, Ground Zero.


Performance Highlights
Masters of Hardcore
Defqon.1 Festival
Hardshock Festival
Boomtown Festival
Ground Zero Festival

Release Highlights
Absurd Audio
Industrial Strength
Peacock Records