Wars Industry

Type: DJ
Style: Uptempo Hardcore, Hardcore, Terror


BKJN Bookings presents one of the hardest and fastest artists roster: Wars Industry! This talented Belgian hardhead has no mercy with the dancefloor.. he destroys it along with all the people jumping on it!

He dropped some heavy tracks and remixes on labels like Partyraiser Records, DNA Tracks and Exode Records, and is signed to Darkside Unleased on which he released 2 albums. His own unique style and look have such a special attracting power that, although his relatively short DJ-career, he's being picked-up by numerous major promoters.

Performance highlights:
- Decibel Outdoor
- Ruhr in Love
- Ground Zero Festival
- Together we are Hardcore Festival
- Hellraiser
- Nightmare in Germany
- Army of Hardcore