Type: DJ / Producer
Style: Hardcore

Milito started collecting his first records in 2005.

Shortly after he started spinning, Milito developed a unique style in choosing the records he plays. His style can be described as a blend of uptempo and melodic, hardcore and darkcore, with a consistent hard rolling kick! At that point, the base of Milito's own boom‑boom style was born.

After Milito won the BKJN DJ‑contest live on Thunderdome radio his first serious bookings were legitimate. During the first years of performing, Milito learned that studio skills are necessary to aim for the bigger stages and events. After 4 years of producing his own music, this led to his first release on Megarave Records and a #1 position on

Keep an eye on Milito.
And watch out for his future performances and releases....

- Enter The Dome
- Q-Base
- Together We Are Hardcore
- Harmony of Hardcore
- BKJN vs Partyraiser
- Reng Deng Deng
- Hell's Basement