Type: DJ
Style: Frenchcore

Angelo Zevenhek, more commonly known as Deathroar, is a Dutch Frenchcore producer. Musicality is in his genes as he discovered at the age of eleven when he started playing Classical music on the piano, which he continued doing for several years.

At the age of sixteen he came in contact with the Hardcore scene and he knew instantly, “this is it”! His true passion emerged and as of that moment he started producing Frenchcore music. Combining his classical music background and his newly found interest for Frenchcore he started releasing multiple tracks and was offered to sign at the well-known Peacock Records Label.

Deathroar combines multiple music styles like Psytrance and Dubstep next to classical music, which is the foundation of his sound, to create dark and obscure Frenchcore tracks.

A new EP with the best tracks he produced thus far will be released in the very near future so keep your eyes open and be prepared for more!

Titanium Festival
Masters of Hardcore
Harmony of Hardcore
The Qontinent