Hells Recordings showcase

Type: Showcase
Style: Uptempo

Hell's Recordings stands for Hard and Quality and was set up by Lunatic. Based on the success of the label, he started this new show. With this act you'll get an exclusive performance by showcasing the best released and unreleased tracks of Hell's Recordings, brought to you by headhoncho Lunatic accompanied by his brother in arms Hyrule War.

Artists releasing on the label include names like Toxic Inside, Hyrule War, Zycromance, Abaddon, MBK, Sprinky, Neutronix & Antenora, Frenchfaces, Omkara, Mr. Forte, Deathsquad, Broken Image, Distorted Voices and more so you can also expect some of their releases during the act.

This act is offered exclusively, which means we won't book many performances each year, so enthusiastic madness is guaranteed.