Super Trash Bros.

Type: DJ
Style: Frenchcore

As of the start of 2018, the brothers from other pizza mothers gave a new dimension to the term “It’s a-me”. These two warriors take you on a trip down memory lane! Smashing Frenchcore sounds will blast through the multi-colored pipelines as Sprinky and Hyrule War present the new crazy duo Super Trash Bros!

Prepare yourselves for a musical course through Sarasaland as these plumbers will make you want to jump high in the air one (up) kick at the time. Latch on to your flagpoles, since even Bowser will not know what sounds have hit him once Super Trash Bros are in town… Here we go!!!!!!

Performance highlights:
BKJN vs Partyraiser (NL)
Peacock in Concert (NL)
Masters of Hardcore (NL)
Dominator (NL)
Harmony of Hardcore (NL)
Defqon.1 Festival (NL)
Electric Love (AT)
Hard Island (HR)