Frantic Freak

Type: DJ
Style: Early Hardcore / Early Rave / Early Terror

Frantic Freak, or Niek Regelink, is a man of the early hardcore noize, but especially the darker, rougher and harder sound. With a record collection he started to create in the nineties, and a preference for all those not that well known pearls, Frantic Freak really is the man to turn to for taking you on a journey into time. Originating from a deep rooted passion to keep that unique pounding nineties dark gabber sound alive, his career took him across numerous stages on big events and festivals.

He has had performances at several major venues both inland and abroad and, for example, he was asked to play the closing set in the Early area on the last Thunderdome. Perhaps most striking are the four solo performances that Niek has given in the meantime. In sets of 7 up to a respectable 9 hours he has shown his versatility by treating the crowd to Early Hardcore in the broadest sense of the word: from melodic Rave to rock hard, ruthless Terror.

Frantic Freak has left his mark on today’s Early Hardcore scene like no other, and best of all: he’s not done by far!

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Performance highlights:
TWAH Festival
Defqon.1 Festival
Decibel Outdoor
Harmony of Hardcore
Ouwe Stijl Is Botergeil
Hardshock Festival