Type: DJ
Style: Terror / Frenchcore

DJ Smurf - "I play party music, for party people"

Smurf's blend of 200 BPM+ hardcore beats mixed with cartoons, pop samples, oldschool sounds and all kinds of noise is just like him. As each track reflects his personality in some way as its transmitted from his heart & mind, via the mixing desk and out of the speakers and into the audience. His energetic DJ sets - accompanied with wild dancing behind the decks - have been moving (and often confusing) dance floors around the world since 1992.

The self-confessed 'Greatest Entertainer on Earth' doesn't play or make music to impress his peers, colleagues or friends; "it's party music for party people".

If you like the music or not, a DJ Smurf show is always an unforgettable experience. He has even fallen off stage and broken his leg in the name of entertainment!

Smurf releases tracks on his own label GGM Digital (the Geordie Gabba Mafia), which runs for 10 years now and almost hits 100 releases during the years, including tracks from artists like Dr. Peacock, The DJ Producer, Marcus Decks, Stinger and The Destroyer. Besides his own label he also released some tracks on labels like Social Teknology, T.I.T. Records (This is Terror) and C.S.R.

Performance highlights:
BKJN vs Partyraiser Festival
Masters of Hardcore
Hardshock Festival
Bangface Weekender
Ground Zero
Decibel Outdoor

Release highlights:
GGM Digital / RAW Records
Social Teknology
T.I.T. Records (This is Terror)
C.S.R. (Canadian Speedcore Resistance)